LM5 … women like them

When I went: 1 November 2019

Music Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

Location: The O2, London

Performers: Little Mix (with Kamille onstage for More Than Words encore)

Special points: Seating on the floor, band being projected over the audience

Best bit: Woman Like Me / Touch

If I could change one thing: Perform Strip live


I saw Little Mix at the O2 a couple of years ago on their Glory Days tour, and they have grown as performers since then. They could always all sing and dance but now you feel that they are enjoying their performances more. This was a really fun gig, pretty pacy, with a great selection of their old and new hits.

As before, there was a lot of seating on the floor of the O2 (maybe to cater for their young audience) and the band were projected over the audience at certain points. Woman Like Me was a highlight in the main show and Touch was a great second encore.

As a minor complaint, I would have preferred Strip to be performed live rather than played to cover a costume change, as it’s a really good song and encapsulates their more recent sound. (They also cut off Only You in its prime and the smallest T-shirt merch available for adults wasn’t that small … but you can’t have everything!)


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