Pink (Beautiful Trauma) … just like fire


When I went: 29 June 2019

Music Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

Location: Wembley Stadium, London

Performers: Pink

Creative team: Pink’s team

Approximate price: £100

Special points: Acrobatics, stage presence

Best bit: Try / So What

If I could change one thing: Better-organised merch stand


I’m a long-standing Pink fan and absolutely loved her The Truth About Love concert a few years ago. I’d never been to Wembley Stadium before this gig and loved the open-air atmosphere, although the merch stand was really disorganised so almost made us miss the start of the show (yeah I had to get a T-shirt, no I couldn’t have just left it, I like my merch OK?!).

The only reason I haven’t given this 5/5 is that I think some of Pink’s better songs (namely, some of those from The Truth About Love) album weren’t in this gig, but she did a great mix of old and new hits and her performance abilities and acrobatic skills are as sharp as ever. My favourite songs were the Funhouse / Just A Girl mash-up (I’m also a Gwen Stefani fan and this worked very nicely), Try, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) and her flying through the air for the So What encore. What About Us worked better live and her band were amazing throughout, especially the cool female bassist.


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