Star Wars Live In Concert (A New Hope) … two sunsets but no Cantina

When I went: 17 November 2018

Music Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

Location: Royal Albert Hall, London

Performers: London Symphony Orchestra, Ludwig Wicki (conductor)

Creative team: John Williams (composer)

Approximate price: £60

Special points: Live film experience

Best bit: Two sunsets scene and final scene

If I could change one thing: Live performance of Cantina Band


I came to Star Wars quite late (specifically, December 2015 when I saw The Force Awakens at the cinema) and then became a superfan very quickly (yes I’m got a lightsaber, yes I met Carrie Fisher at a Star Wars Convention, yes I can play the Cantina Band theme on the piano). The music is undoubtedly iconic and beautiful and evocative, and seeing A New Hope on a big screen with a live performance of the score was great.

My one complaint was that the orchestra didn’t perform the Cantina Band music live, but as it was diegetic music (i.e. music performed in the scene itself and part of the action) I understand why they didn’t. They did perform the 20th Century Fox opening credits music which got a few laughs; the audience in general was great and very enthusiastic (as Star Wars superfans often are).

If they do a live performance of The Empire Strikes Back I will be there with bells on (as it’s clearly the best Star Wars film) – I would probably also go for The Phantom Menace live (yeah the film isn’t great but the Duel of the Fates music is!).

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