Joanna Lumley – It’s All About Me … Sapphire and Patsy

When I went: 11 November 2018

Music Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

Location: Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London

Performers: Joanna Lumley, Clive Tulloh

Approximate price: £50

Special points: Anecdotes and clips

Best bit: References to Sapphire and Steel and Bond

If I could change one thing: More discussion of Sapphire and Steel


I would quite like to be like Joanna Lumley when I grow up. She radiates positivity and confidence, isn’t afraid to laugh at herself (case in point: her discussion of her role of Sapphire in the ridiculously weird 70s/80s sci-fi show Sapphire and Steel), and (as she discussed in this last night of her touring show) has always wanted to be older than she is; at 72, she is looking forward to being 90.

Her show was unsurprisingly full of wit and humour, with welcome references to her more famous roles (Patsy in Ab Fab, the auntie who kisses Leo in Wolf of Wall Street) and to her more niche ones (Sapphire and Steel!) and to her well-loved travel shows. Clive Tulloh, producer on most of her travel shows, also read out audience questions (some of which were actually about her positivity; her answer was to put on a smile and keep going …).

The funniest bits were probably her anecdotes about getting to be a Bond girl and her elation at gaining an Equity card, and to the smoked ‘lady garden’ (dukan) experience from one of her travel shows.

I can see why some audience members want her to be Prime Minister as she has a broad appeal and a very open-minded approach to anyone different to herself. I would recommend catching her show if she decides to tour again.

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