Royal Albert Hall, London

When I went: 18 July 2018, 17 November 2018, 21 September 2019

Shows seen there: Gershwin / Messiaen concertStar Wars Live In Concert (A New Hope)Star Wars Live In Concert (The Empire Strikes Back)

Size: Big

Typical price: Fairly expensive – most tickets start around £50 and go up to around £200

Special points: Tiered seating / prestige


The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most famous venues in London, known mainly for hosting The Proms, but also flexible enough to transform into an indoor tennis venue (for exhibition tennis) and Dad Wrote A Porno comedy gigs. The seats are nearly all pretty good and very raked so you should be able to see well from wherever you sit. There is also a feature on the website which allows you to see the view from your prospective seat when you book.

There are tons of bars and entrances to the auditorium around the venue so normally you have to enter from outside from a particular point specified on your ticket.

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