Little Mix (Glory Days) … hair whips and power hits

When I went: 26 November 2017

Music Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

Location: The O2, London

Performers: Little Mix, supported by Aleem

Special points: Audience participation

Best bit: Salute into Down and Dirty

If I could change one thing: Less of the segment where audience members were brought onstage


Little Mix’s Glory Days album is strong – packed with hits and attitude – and they have enough other good songs in their back catalogue to sustain a fun live show where the energy never dropped. Aleem provided decent support for this O2 show, which unusually had seating on the floor as well as around the edges of the arena, allowing for a mid-show segment where a walkway for the band was lowered above the audience.

All members of Little Mix sang and danced really well and it was endearing to see how emotional they were in numbers such as Secret Love Song and Nothing Else Matters, and heartening to hear their vocal support for their LGBT fans and their introduction of a marriage proposal from a male fan to his boyfriend. The choreography involved a lot of hair whipping and Little Mix called this out and got the audience involved for their performance of Hair.

The older hits (Wings and DNA) were well-received but the newer Glory Days songs were probably even more popular. I thought the best bit was the performance of the song Salute, an older fan favourite, merging into the more current Down and Dirty, which really sparkled. Towards the end, the segment where they invited members of the audience onstage with them went on for a bit too long, especially as some people needed to leave (getting home across London on a Sunday night is an annoying but necessary consideration for people with kids and/or work in the morning!), but the performance ended on a high with Touch into an encore of Shout Out To My Ex.


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