National Theatre, London

When I went: 13 May 2017, 7 March 2019

Shows seen there: Angels in AmericaFollies

Size: The Lyttleton and Dorfman are medium-sized; the Olivier is big

Typical price: Various – tickets up to around £120 in stalls and down to around £60 in the Circle of the Lyttleton; up to around £110 in the Olivier

Special points: Shop and restaurants and three different theatres

Where to eat beforehand: Skylon


I have only visited the Lyttleton and Olivier so far out of the National’s three theatres; the Lyttleton and it is in a fairly modern ‘proscenium’ style with adjustable staging and no pillars or curvature in the seating, the Olivier is bigger and has fairly comfortable seating. The National is a cool place to visit with a bigger shop and more merchandise than in most theatres, and plenty of snack stands with lots of food and drink to choose from.

The National tends to put on big theatrical ‘events’ for which tickets are hard to come by, like Angels in America and previously, His Dark Materials.

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