The Other Palace, London

When I went: 21 November 2016, 5 January 2017

Shows seen there: The Last Five YearsRent

Size: Fairly small

Typical price: Fairly cheap (for London) – top tickets at £60

Special points: Slightly arty feel, brasserie upstairs


The Other Palace (formerly called St James Theatre) is not massive but has the advantage of very raked seating, which means that you are less likely to annoy people sitting behind you, or be annoyed by tall people if you are sitting behind one. However, the flipside is that there is not as much legroom as in some theatres.

The theatre has a cool-looking brasserie upstairs and a small cafe and bar on the ground floor. Unfortunately, it also has the usual problem of not enough ladies’ toilets, but its charms make up for this shortcoming.

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