Arts Theatre, London

When I went: 3 October 2016

Shows seen there: Murder Ballad

Size: Small

Typical price: Cheap (for London) – top tickets at £50

Special points: Edgy, hipster-like feel

Where to eat beforehand: Tredwell’s


Arts Theatre in a way epitomises smaller London and New York theatres – it has a small cafe at the front through which people queue to get their tickets, it is cheaper than most theatres and the staff are young and friendly. They also have a weird fixation on not letting you record the show, not even letting people have their phones on in the theatre (understandable in the age of covert recordings almost inevitably popping up on YouTube, but perhaps overkill).

The seats are not massive but the prices are reasonable (contributing to the lower average age of the audience-goer) and the theatre big enough to house edgy, ‘alternative’ productions such as American Idiot.

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