Trafalgar Studios, London

When I went: 15 September 2016, 31 July 2017

Shows seen there: Vanities the Musical, Apologia

Size: Medium (Studio 1), tiny (Studio 2)

Typical price: Variable – tickets from £15 in Studio 2 but up to £95 in Studio 1

Special points: Intimate feel

Where to eat beforehand: Balcon


Trafalgar Studios is a venue that you might not be aware of unless you have actually been there; it is on the way to Westminster from Charing Cross and given its small size, hosts less high-profile productions (especially in Studio 2). However, it is well worth a visit if you like an intimate setting and getting a first look at potential huge shows (and/or stars) of the future. It often hosts plays which are better-suited to smaller spaces.

There are two ‘studios’ – Studio 1 (380 seats) is much bigger than Studio 2 (100 seats) and visitors to both have the use of the bar downstairs. Annoyingly, even though this theatre is more modern than most in London, it still has the same lack of ladies’ toilets problem. In Studio 2, you literally walk across the stage to get in and out; in Studio 1, the seats are very raked which is good if you are a tall person (or behind a tall person) but fairly narrow and don’t have arm-rests.

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