More ladies’ toilets please …

Hello, theatres. Here’s a memo. When people visit to see one of your productions, many of them are going to visit the toilet before the show, during the interval, and after the show. Some of these people will be women and girls. And while their male companions will be able to stride off, find the toilets, pee and return to their seats with ample time to spare, the women and girls will spy the longest queue in sight, sigh to themselves, join the end of the line and wait there, sometimes for the whole interval, for the same privilege.

I realise that lots of theatres were built a long, long time ago when apparently not as many women attended, so the need wasn’t as great. However, with all the time and money spent on refurbishments these days, surely someone must have realised this is an issue? Is it really impossible to build a few more toilets for ladies?

Someone, please, sort this out. If a theatre actually provides ample ladies’ toilets, I’ll gladly give it a new award and everything. Plus, the New York Times agrees with me.



11 thoughts on “More ladies’ toilets please …

  1. I completely agree and find it fascinating too that without fail there will always be a queue to the women’s toilet. Some theatres are great and have multiple ones, to choose from but they are in the minority. But this isn’t just an issue with theatres, when I did this bus trip around Europe two summers ago, there would always be a long queue for the women’s and hardly anything for the men’s. I appreciate that we have greater needs to use the toilet but how that translates into such long queues I’m not so sure.


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