Old Vic, London

When I went: 29 February 2008, Summer 2011, 10 August 2016, 29 April 2017

Shows seen there: Speed the PlowRichard III, Groundhog Day, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead

Size: Fairly small

Typical price: Various – tickets up to £150 in stalls but sometimes as low as £25 in upper circles

Special points: Bar / café downstairs

Where to eat beforehand: Skylon


The Old Vic is an easily accessible and fun, low-key venue which often puts on new or well-reviewed plays and musicals, often featuring big names. Kevin Spacey was the artistic director before being replaced by Matthew Warchus.

It can be way too crowded in the bar and has a massive problem with lack of ladies’ toilets, with impatient women queuing all the way up the stairs. If you have the cash, you can spend more on your tickets to add an option to get champagne and ice cream vouchers.  The seats in the stalls are not particularly raked so that can be a slight problem if you are behind a tall person.

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