Rob Delaney (Meat) … crudely refreshing

MUSIC OWL AWARDS2nd – value; 1st – to go to with friends

When I went: 12 May 2016

Music Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

Location: Royal Festival Hall, London

Performers: Rob Delaney, Bridget Christie (warm-up act)

Creative team: Rob Delaney, Bridget Christie

Approximate price: £22

Special points: Irreverence

Best bit: Anecdotes about Rob’s family life

If I could change one thing: Fuller audience

The show:

Rob Delaney has become famous because of the brilliant TV show Catastrophe, which he co-writes and stars in with Sharon Horgan. He was also voted the funniest person on Twitter which he partially attributes to having lots of soundbite material from his stand-up shows.

Meat is full of crude jokes and anecdotes about Rob’s life, including his move to London and his views on the NHS and being a father. It isn’t for the easily offended but if you are open-minded, it is so so funny.

This performance:

Bridget Christie was on good form with her anecdotes about drunken nights out and disastrous haircuts, and got the crowd ready for Rob. However, there was a bit of a break between their performances and a lot of the audience, which didn’t fill the seats in the Royal Festival Hall by any means, arrived only in time for Rob’s set.

Rob got a great reception and didn’t need any time to get into his set; he had everyone laughing from the first few sentences. I don’t remember any weak parts of the set at all, but I was slightly taken aback when it ended abruptly, although this may just be how it’s done in comedy gigs. I was surprised when Rob said near the start that this was the biggest venue he had performed in; he has so much natural charisma and talent that I would have thought he would be bigger in America.

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