Her Majesty’s Theatre, London

When I went: 10 June 2008, 11 February 2016 and 23 February 2017

Shows seen there: The Phantom of the Opera

Size: Fairly big

Typical price: Variable (from around £30 for upper circles to around £95 for premium stalls seats; around £52 for seats towards the back of the stalls)

Special points: Phantom’s longevity

Where to eat beforehand: Balcon


Her Majesty’s Theatre has hosted Phantom since 1986 so deals adeptly with the staging demands of that musical. It’s hard to imagine another show there now, and the location (near Charing Cross) is convenient and central.

However, it has a real problem with a lack of ladies’ toilets. On my most recent visit, there were two available in the auditorium part of the theatre, with the usual long queue snaking behind them from the very start of the interval. Two! And then my Owl ancestor peeked behind a curtain when queuing and they told her there were more there and she could use them due to her bad knee, but they wouldn’t open them up generally as otherwise ‘everyone would want to use those’. What?! Just provide more ladies’ toilets for your packed house, please.

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