Evita … another musical in another theatre

When I went: 27 September 2014

Music Owl Hoot rating: 3/5

Location: Dominion Theatre, London

Performers: Marti Pellow (Che) Andrew C Wadsworth (Juan Perón), Madalena Alberto (Eva Perón)

Creative team: Andrew Lloyd Webber (music), Tim Rice (lyrics and book), Bob Tomson and Bill Kenwright (directors)

Approximate price: £67

Special points: Political setting

Best bit: Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

If I could change one thing: More snappy songs


The musical:

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s treatment of the story of Eva Perón has spawned several treatments, most notably the 1996 film starring Madonna. The song Don’t Cry For Me Argentina is one of those hummable numbers that everyone knows even if they don’t know or like musicals. While I personally like this song very much, as well as Another Suitcase in Another Hall, the overall combination of the music and the book in this work adds up to something pretty indulgent that not everyone will enjoy, and the plot seems a bit thin as a base for the staginess of the big numbers. Maybe it is something in Tim Rice’s lyrics, but sometimes parts of this show can come off as artificial and laboured.

This performance:

Andrew Lloyd Webber again demands great things of his singers, as in The Phantom of the Opera, and Madalena Alberto as Eva and Marti Pellow as Che more than delivered. Alberto’s performance of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina was technically flawless and emotionally pitch-perfect. Another Suitcase in Another Hall was another highlight.

The whole performance was very moving if quite heavy; it worked for me but I don’t think my partner Owl was as keen.

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