Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London

MUSIC OWL AWARD5th – venue

When I went: 2 October 2010, 28 September 2013, 22 May 2017, 11 November 2018

Shows seen there: Oliver!, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory42nd StreetJoanna Lumley – It’s All About Me

Size: Big

Typical price: Various (some tickets for around £30 available for the back seats, ranging to around £80 in the stalls)

Special points: Size, proximity to Covent Garden restaurants and bars

Where to eat beforehand: BalthazarIvy Market Grill


This theatre is one of my favourites, due to its roominess and great location in the heart of Covent Garden. The large stage allows for larger-scale performances, making it well-suited to ‘classic’ musicals.

In the stalls and the Royal Circle, some of the seats can feel a little cramped as there isn’t much legroom and it’s hard to comfortably stand up to let people pass you to find their seats. The stalls seats aren’t particularly raked either so if someone tall is in front of you, you might occasionally have to lean around them to see the stage. However, row K is an awesome one as it has extra legroom with a horizontal ‘aisle’ in front of it.

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