Rock of Ages … I wanna feel what love is

When I went: 2 August 2013

Music Owl Hoot rating: 3/5

Location: The Garrick Theatre, London

Performers: Daniel Fletcher (Dennis Dupree), Tim Howard (Stacee Jaxx), Ross Hunter (Drew), Natalie Andreou (Sherrie)

Creative team: Kristin Hanggi (director), various (80s covers – music and lyrics), Chris D’Arienzo (book), Beowulf Boritt (set design)

Approximate price: £68

Special points: Informal performance where you could get drinks during it

Best bit: More than Words / Heaven

If I could change one thing: More inspired performances


The musical:

As jukebox musicals go, Rock of Ages is a good one; there are plenty of fun 80s hits and the story has some endearing and sparky characters. However, as the plot doesn’t really go anywhere important or realistic, it’s important that the actors give inspired performances in order to make the show memorable. This is why the film, for me, was successful.

This performance:

Unfortunately, I didn’t think that enough of the cast did give inspired performances in this instance, especially Tim Howard whose Stacee Jaxx didn’t have enough charisma or appeal. However, Natalie Andreou as Sherrie gave it a good shot.

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