Singin’ in the Rain … made me laugh

MUSIC OWL AWARDS2nd – for family occasions; 5th – for dates; 3rd – song (Singin’ In the Rain)

When I went: 18 May 2012

Music Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

Location: Palace Theatre, London

Performers: Adam Cooper (Don), Daniel Crossby (Cosmo), Scarlett Strallen (Kathy)

Creative team: Betty Comden and Adolph Green (book), Arthur Freed (lyrics), Nacio Herb Brown (music), Andrew Wright (choreography), Jonathan Church (director)

Approximate price: £64

Special points: Joyous mood

Best bit: Make Em Laugh

If I could change one thing: Better second half


The musical:

This is a classic immortalised in the 1950s film, but it still stands up well in stage performances. There is something timeless about the feeling of joy, the gentle jokes and the best songs, which include Make Em Laugh, Good Morning, and of course Singin’ in the Rain itself. However, the story and the quality of the music take a bit of a second half dip after the interval.

This performance:

The leads were all great in their roles, especially Daniel Crossby as Cosmo. Scarlett Strallen has a beautiful voice, as does her sister Summer Strallen (who has featured in productions such as Love Never Dies.

Make Em Laugh was probably the best-directed number, combining physical humour with the best of Arthur Freed’s lyrics. The title number was also performed in a tasteful, understated way. The Palace Theatre provided the large stage needed for all the effects and props which add colour to this show.

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