The Boy Friend … good-natured spoofing

When I went: 9 July 2011

Music Owl Hoot rating: 3/5

Location: Bridewell Theatre, London

Performers: Janet South (Madame Dubonnet), Ian Recordon (Percival Browne), Frank Crocker (Lord Brockhurst), Sue Brodie (Lady Brockhurst), Victoria Flint (Hortense)

Creative team: David Taylor (director), Tower Theatre Company, Janet South (choreography), Colin Guthrie (musical director), Sandy Wilson (music, lyrics, book)

Approximate price: £10

Special points: Spoof element

Best bit: Nicer in Nice

If I could change one thing: More killer songs


The musical:

Sandy Wilson’s The Boy Friend is one of those old musicals where the music does sound a little dated, but if you’re in the right mood it can be great fun. What may have passed for naughty elements in the 1950s now seem adorably tame, making this is a great one to see with your older relatives. The spoofing of 1920s musical elements is well done; perhaps as we are now approaching the 2020s there will be a new Boy Friend for this century.

This performance:

This performance was great value, as although the performers and production company are “amateurs”, they handled the parts with aplomb. Nicer in Nice, performed by Victoria Flint as Hortense, was the highlight, but there was plenty of warmth throughout.

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