Grease … lighter than air

When I went: 20 November 2010

Music Owl Hoot rating: 3/5

Location: Piccadilly Theatre, London

Performers: Lauren Samuels (Sandy), Noel Sullivan (Danny), Siubhan Harrison (Rizzo)

Creative team: Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey (music and lyrics and book), David Gilmore (director), Arlene Phillips (choreography), Paul Nicholas and David Ian (producers)

Approximate price: £60

Special points: Lightness, upbeat feeling

Best bit: Summer Nights

If I could change one thing: More feminist plot


The musical:

Grease is famous due to the 1978 film (and more recently, the Grease Live revival). The stage version retains all of the lightness and upbeat atmosphere of the film and provides a dose of nostalgia for those old enough to see it the first time around, and some classic songs for everyone.

However, even though many of the songs are timeless, the plot serves up such an anti-feminist message that it can be hard to fully enjoy it. Want to get your man, ladies? Just completely change the way you dress, act and start smoking and he’s yours!

This performance:

Lauren Samuels starred as Sandy in her first role since her appearance in the BBC’s Over the Rainbow, and easily held her own with the vocals. Noel Sullivan was also poised as Danny; however, I don’t remember being blown away by the chemistry between the leads. The overall performance was fun but didn’t have a particular USP or anything massively memorable about it.

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