Lyceum Theatre, London

When I went: Summer 2007, July 2017

Shows seen there: The Lion King

Size: Fairly big

Typical price: Various (from around £20 for upper seating areas to £80 for best stalls seats at peak times)

Special points: Longstanding hosting of The Lion King

Where to eat beforehand: BalthazarIvy Market Grill


The Lyceum has hosted The Lion King since October 1999 and is well-located for it, near to several family-friendly restaurants, as well as more upscale ones, in Covent Garden.

The seats in the stalls are not particularly raked so if you are with children you may need to do some strategic seating to make sure everyone can see. Aisle seats are best if you want to engage with the animals throughout the performance.

This theatre, like so many others, has a problem: a severe lack of ladies’ toilets.

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