Muse … (no) Black Holes and (lots of) Revelations

MUSIC OWL AWARD2nd – to go to with friends

When I went: 23 November 2006

Music Owl Hoot rating: 5/5

Location: Wembley Arena, London

Performers: Muse (supported by The Noisettes)

Creative team: Muse

Approximate price: £50

Special points: Matt Bellamy’s singing, the atmosphere

Best bit: Starlight

If I could change one thing: Better support act


I have such great memories of this gig, which I went to with a group of friends. Unusually, Muse played the Black Holes and Revelations album in the order of the album’s track listing, with encores including Feeling Good (a song which they manage to put their own stamp on in a way that most cover versions doesn’t achieve).

Matt Bellamy’s voice and the whole band’s performance were amazing and the atmosphere from the crowd was electric. The only thing I would really change would be the support act, who weren’t really that memorable.


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